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 Heart Blessing

As you read this following blessing, notice your breathing, your body, and your energy. The words are infused with Light for your clearing, healing and inspiration.

Take three deep breaths, and exhale with a loud sigh. Relax in your chair, rest your hands on your thighs, and read.

May the hardened walls of pain and resistance around your heart melt away with ease and grace, so you can experience and express more and more of the Infinite Love and Wisdom that You Are. May your open, glowing heart be revealed to allow for a beautiful, generous flow of loving kindness pouring into and out of your heart center in a compassionate exchange with loved ones, all humans, all beings, all Worlds.

May this great flow of loving kindness expand inside you, through your arms to your hands, through your trunk and your back down the legs to your feet, and up to your neck, shoulders and head, melting away all tension, all pain, leaving behind a glow of bliss and peace to fill and surround your body.

May this great flow of loving kindness expand outside of you, into your aura, and into the world that you are part of; from your energy field, to your room or office, to your home, to your property, to your town and country and continent and the planet, and further expanding to Infinity.

May your body-mind be a clear conduit for loving-kindness in the entire Kosmos.  May others’ hearts melt open in your Presence.

So be it. Thank you.

    "May this great flow of loving kindness expand"