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Reiki Q&A

What Tana's Reiki students say

Reiki Classes Outline

What to expect during the Reiki training

Hi This is Tana Saler. I am a Reiki Teaching Master. With Reiki you can treat people, pets, plants, seeds and seedlings before planting; food. If you have the Reiki level II or higher training, you can send Reiki healing across time and space: to people who are far away, or to the past. You can treat relationships and situations. You can heal important events in your past: your moment of birth, your graduation, your wedding or even your divorce. And you can send Reiki healing to the future: to tomorrow's interview or next week's date. The possibilities are endless.

Learning Reiki is an experience that affects you beyond intellectual reasoning. In this East-meets-West approach, your learning unfolds at both conscious and non-conscious mind levels. The Reiki classes are a venue for you to access and express inner strengths, wisdom and abilities previously untapped into. A skilled Reiki teacher will offer more than factual information, and will guide you through processes that gift you with the most valuable knowledge that is: your inner wisdom.

Your ability to connect with, and direct the healing flow of Reiki is accessed through a ceremony called the Reiki attunement. Regarded as sacred, this process is much like shamanic initiations and life rites of passage: it's a launching pad for your growth as a human. The Reiki attunement, together with a meditative Reiki practice, has the potential to bring you up a notch in your personal power, intuitive wisdom, and loving kindness towards yourself and others.

What makes Tana's classes unique in the Ottawa Reiki community, is clarity of information, a focus on your personal empowerment, and an integral approach to learning. Some comments from students are: "You clarified things for me that no-one ever managed before"; "You are so real and grounded"; "I received more than I thought I came for".

Reiki Q&A

Q: Are there invisible energies that affect your health and life?

 Can you think of times when you felt down, dragging your feet through the day, with no apparent reason? Perhaps in such times it takes you forever to get anything done. You get irritable, sad or discouraged. You feel chilly even when the air is warm. You want to sleep a lot, and you crave for foods that make you fat. You have all kinds of aches and pains and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with you. Or maybe they can, and do, and you are diagnosed with a chronic condition. 

Q: What do doctors in China know that Western doctors don’t?

 Everything that is going on in the physical body has its source in your energy field. Just as you have a physical anatomy, you also have an energy anatomy, invisible – for most people - to the naked eye.

Your subtle body is receptive to any mental and emotional changes in yourself and your environment, whether you are aware of it or not.

This is common knowledge in the East, where doctors know by heart not only your bones and muscles, but also your life force ‘Ki’ pathways, called meridians, and your acupuncture points.

Thanks to this knowledge, the Chinese doctors can ‘catch’ an illness while still in its incipient, energy form, and before it becomes chronic physical ailment. They see a bigger part of the picture than Western doctors, which is why they can do more for their patients. 

Q: Can Awareness of the Subtle Energies help you prevent and reverse illness? 

You bet! It’s like the difference between trying to drive your car with 100% dark glasses on, and navigating with 20-20 sight.

You may think that you feel tired or achy for no reason at all. But the fact is, you simply aren’t aware of the reason, which is why you can’t prevent it; unless, of course, you open your eyes and see. When you expand your perception to read subtle energies, it becomes easy for you to manage them.

If you see a tennis ball coming at you, you can catch it, divert it, or step out of its way. Because you can see it, you can be sure it’s not going to hit you in the head.

What about the invisible forces that are coming at you? How can you catch, divert, or avoid them if you don’t perceive them?

Q: Can I learn to read subtle energies, even if I wasn’t born clairvoyant or clairsentient? 

Actually, many are born with abilities that, if unacknowledged and unused, become dormant. Whether your abilities are dormant or they were never there, you can cultivate them. It makes evolutionary sense that human beings develop abilities that were not developed before.

In over ten years of initiating people into the secrets of the Reiki healing art, I have not seen a person who is not able to open up and sense the subtle energies.

You’ll be amazed to discover how much you are capable of sensing and perceiving when your dormant abilities are activated, and when you are skillfully shown how to do it.

Once you learn how to perceive subtle energy, and you understand your energy anatomy, you can become skilled at moving the energy in yourself, others, and your environment. 

Q: Why would I want to take Reiki classes when I can do Qi Gong or Tai-Chi?

 You don’t. With years of discipline and consistent practice, Qi Gong masters and grandmasters achieve outstanding results of health, longevity, sexual stamina and more. You only want to learn Reiki if you want to expand your perception now, without waiting for years. If you want an immediate boost of your abilities, that you can later sustain and build upon with practice, then Reiki is the place to start! 

Q: Do I need to be initiated by a Reiki Teaching Master? 

Yes. You can’t get attuned to the frequencies of Reiki just by reading a book or an Internet article on it. A Reiki Master has been initiated to the ability to attune students, and has the presence and experience to guide and support you through the process. 

Q: How safe is the Reiki attunement, and why do I need a good Reiki Master if this is safe? 

The Reiki attunement is a gentle, yet powerful process. The Reiki student sits in a chair, in a meditative pose. During the attunement, which can last anywhere between ten and thirty minutes, sometimes more, the Reiki Master gently touches the hands of the student, gesturing above the student’s body in ways that follow the student’s chakras (energy centers). The chakras are being activated, which, in a sense, is the energetic equivalent of opening the eyes for the first time.

If you were blind since birth or for a long time, and one day you would suddenly see, the experience could be unusual, a lot to take in, maybe startling. Being activated and awakened with a Reiki initiation can be moving, exhilarating, startling, awesome, unusual. A wise, compassionate and skilled Reiki Master will guide and support you during and after this process. 

Q: What shall I look for when I choose a Reiki Master? 

Reiki is Spiritually Guided (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki). Like pure water, (H2O), Reiki is a powerful, neutral energy.

Imagine that you want to drink a glass of water from a pristine spring. The water is tapped through several ducts: one is made of stainless steel; one duct is made of moldy wood; another one is made of crystal; and another duct is made of rusty iron. At the other end of these ducts, you can place your empty glass to fill it with water and drink. Which duct will you choose?

Water is neutral, but it has memory. It is a good conductor for electricity, and not only. Passing through each duct, the water will get informed with the energy of the duct, and thus, altered. A moldy or rusty duct can contaminate the water. Pure crystal or stainless steel might actually add to it.

A Reiki Master is a human being, with his or her own personality, character, intelligence and skills. The Reiki energy and the knowledge passed on from the teacher to student, carries the flavor and the vibration of the teacher.

When deciding on a Reiki Master, ask yourself what is the level of integrity of this person? What stage of consciousness development have they reached? How vast is their knowledge and experience? How compassionate is she or he? 

Q: Why would I choose Tana Saler to be my Reiki Teaching Master? 

Tana has over ten years of experience as a Reiki Teaching Master, and here are some ways that she stands out:

  • Tana is an Integrally Informed teacher. She is a student of the Integral Model and Ken Wilber’s work, and has a regular Integral Life Practice. The Integral Model is the most comprehensive map of consciousness, You, life, God and everything, existing in the world at this moment.

  • Tana’s cognition has reached a high altitude of development, and is being transmitted to the student through knowledge and presence.

  • Tana has been teaching cross-culturally on three continents, and is aware of the various cultural needs of her students.

  • Students who have learned with Tana Saler often remark that “She has clarified for me difficult concepts like no-one else did before.

  • As a wannabe comedian Tana has been nicknamed ‘The Laughing Master’. Her classes are filled with humour, laughter, pure joy, and a light-hearted informal, caring atmosphere.

  •  Tana’s life and work focus is on enlightenment and evolution: “waking up and growing up”. Therefore, her classes go beyond just ‘feeling good’. They are awakening and transformative, with positive effects on students’ lives long after the classes.

What Tana's Reiki Students say:

 Hello Tana,

 I hope all is well with you.

 I just thought i would give you an update on how things have been at my end since taking the Reiki 2 a few weeks ago.

I must say that I feel quite different as a person and I feel good. I feel strong and focused and I have a lot of energy. I am taking life as it comes and I am enjoying that feeling. I have been practicing Reiki quite a bit and I have created a box with affirmations in it and I send energy to it every day. It's quite useful and I think it is working  :)

Since Reiki 2, I feel relieved for some reason and I am less worried about the future. I have confidence that good will happen and that I can deal with any curveballs. I feel like I am living in the present a little bit more which is a good feeling altogether.

Tana, I thank you again for the sessions. It really has made a big difference in my life.

Melanie H. Levesque

Reiki Training:

"Greetings and love Tana!
Thank you so much for the Reiki I and II attunement. My life just keeps getting better and better. I am in general so much happier. And life is easier for me. I'm not getting hung up on the little things. My heart is so much bigger.

For over two years I have been developing and growing my spirituality, my peace. It has been a wonderful journey. When I received my Reiki attunements though it seems like worlds just opened up to me at a quick pace. (Does it keep getting better?)

(...) What a great experience. (...) What a blessing the Reiki attunements have been in my life!!!

Thank you and wishing you the best day!"
Stephanie Leffler, (9/09 attunement)


"Simply amazing!! Tana exudes amazing knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. I learned so much and am now in a more peaceful state. Thank you so much Tana

Geneviève, Ottawa

"The Reiki I and II classes offered by the amazing Tana Saler far exceeded my expectations. She is a gifted teacher and communicator whose knowledge about energy healing is vast and whose passion for the subject matter shines through. Tana is articulate, intelligent, and can readily explain complicated concepts. She was easily able to integrate and reconcile right and left brain perspectives/thinking. The classes provided an excellent balance between the theory and practical applications. Equally as important, she has a superb sense of humour and made the learning fun - she is completely earth bound and very authentic. Tana has such a warm and loving heart - she was always eager to help her students. I would be pleased to have the opportunity to take other classes with Tana Saler."

- RC, Ottawa, Ont, Sept 2008

Reiki I Training: February 2008

Hi Tana, I just want to say Thank you again for the wonderful week – end. I feel so rejuvenated, motivated and inspired. I’m Excited to journey my path in life and I can't wait to learn more  and more information . I can already feel Reiki changing my life.

(After two weeks:) Honestly Tana I love doing Reiki.  I love the fact I am helping people feel relaxed and it's just such a wonderful feeling. It’s so hard for me to describe; it just makes me feel good, my hands tingle, my heart feels open. It is just a feeling I have never experienced before and I like it. Everyone who I have treated has said very positive things. They feel peaceful and have told me about feeling sensations in their body.  I even had one friend who said she had seen blue and purple when her eyes were closed. It was interesting because that’s what I saw during my attunement and she wasn’t aware of that. I just thought that was a really cool experience and super neat feed back. Doing Reiki on myself is great, it helps me sleep at night and feel more serene. All in all I think my Reiki experience so far has been incredible. I’ll keep in touch and I think you’re great.  I talk about what an amazing and inspiring person you are to people all the time. Lots of Love Christina - Christina S., Ottawa

You are a unique teacher: so down to earth; you are real. I feel like I can relate to you, and you truly understand me. I feel like you treat me as an equal, and you see only my highest self! You remind me of what is already in my heart.

I take with me your wonderful way to love yourself! The gift of Reiki, innate in all of us, is now ALIVE in me, and I'm excited to see how my life and attitude with change.

This was an incredible experience: uplifting, empowering, and extremely loving!

Thank you with all my soul,

Jennifer C. - January 15 & 18, Reiki I&II Intensive

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Reiki level


 The Reiki Classes Outline:

Reiki I:

  • Focus: the physical body
  • Information on: energy, healing arts, the history of Reiki, energetic anatomy (subtle bodies, chakras, the four elements), origins of illness; how to set up a clinic; professional and ethical code
  • Brief introduction to the Integral Model and Ken Wilber's work; locating energy work on the map of consciousness
  • Attunement (energy initiation)
  • Hands-on practice for treating self and others
  • Manual
  • Certification 
  • Potluck lunch

The Reiki I course will give you information about: 

·         Body, mind and spirit

·         Subtle energies and energy anatomy – meridians of Chi and chakras

·         A brief introduction to the Integral Map of Consciousness and its applications to health

·         The Reiki origins and history

·         Healing arts overview and the relationship between subtle energy and health / illness

·         Ethics of touch

·         Reading subtle energies

·         Energy management

·         Setting up clinic


After the Reiki I weekend training, you will be able to:


·         Sense energy with the palms of your hands

·         Name three ways of reading energy

·         Move subtle energy in at least five ways

·         Apply Reiki therapy to yourself

·         Apply Reiki therapy to others – people, animals, plants, and more

·         Name at least three ways to cultivate energy sensitivity and awareness


Ottawa Reiki Classes & Training Schedule

Reiki II:

  • Focus: the emotions and the mind
  • Three symbols to work with, acting directly on your subconscious
  • The ability to send distant treatments
  • Attunement and techniques focusing on emotional and mental healing
  • Karmic healing
  • Strenghtening your connection with the higher levels of consciousness
  • Chakra opening technique using a pendulum and symbols
  • The mental method for breaking patterns
  • A class manual
  • Certification
  • Potluck lunch

Ottawa Reiki Classes & Training Schedule

Reiki Master training: (Reiki III/Master Usui/ Tibetan)

  • Focus: Spiritual development
  • "Mastery homework" suggested
  • Unlimited class attendance for all the Usui Reiki levels
  • Teacher assistance work
  • Co-teaching at the student's classes
  • Three symbols and attunements in Usui/Tibetan style
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • Potluck lunch
  • Ongoing support and assistance
  • Option for ongoing support group meetings

For an updated schedule of Reiki Master Classes & Training in Ottawa, visit the calendar on this website.

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Tana Saler is a Reiki Master since 1999; she has been offering Usui / Tibetan Reiki and Lightarian Reiki in Israel, Europe and Canada.

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