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At The Master Within centre

 Stress and Loss Recovery
  • Sessions aim at achieving lasting relief and peace in the client's body and mind
  • Consultations are available in person, by phone or on skype
Reiki I  & II Certification Training Program  

At The Master Within centre

Reiki Training Level





  • Reiki I & II:
  • Group training: two full days per level
  •  One-on-one training: one full day per level
  • Special rates for groups
  • Regular Fees Reiki I: $ 250.- ;Reiki II: $ 350.- Reiki I & II = $ 600.-
  • Taught by Integrally-Informed Reiki Master, experienced, uber-knowledgeable, excellent at presenting high-quality information with great clarity; spiritual and in the same time, down-to-earth.
  • Ottawa Reiki Classes & Training additional information
  • Sponsor a Reiki Class with the Learn and Earn program
  • My ideal Reiki students are: artists, creative individuals, and leaders who are kind, generous and empathic.

Reiki Master in Ottawa

Certification Training Program in Reiki III / Reiki Master Usui / Tibetan)

At The Master Within centre

  • $ 550.-
  • Focus: Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose 
  • Follow your Soul's calling and become a Reiki Teaching Master!

Reiki for Dog Mums

Reiki for Dog Mums class outline



  • Thursday July 21
    6:30-9:30 pm
  • Hands-on healing touch for your fur baby
  • Helpful with obedience and mood
  • Helpful for pain management in old and ailing dogs
  • Helpful for bonding with new pups
  • Fee $ 110.- in advance, or $ 135.- at the door
  • Register by phone or email
  • In memory of Kinook, my Reiki fur baby, who lived to be almost seventeen

 "Bees suck nectar from many different flowers, and then make honey. One drop of honey cannot claim to come from one flower, and another drop of honey from another flower" - The Upanishads

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Kinook, the Assisting Healer

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"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."

- Albert Einstein