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Kinook has left us on April 27, 2016, at the ripe age of sixteen and a half years old. She continues to live in Tana's heart, and she will always be loved.

Read stories of Kinook at www.caringforkinook.com




I am Kinook, an assisting healer working with Tana, specializing in emotional healing.

I am a cross-Akita girl, with a sweet, regal personality and a taste for cheese. I love children and male Golden Retrievers. My Akita side shows through the blue spots on the tongue, which, to my opinion, are due to my blue blood. I have a double coat, and am happy in a cooler weather.

My work consists in beaming Love through my gentle presence in Tana's private and group sessions, soothing clients and students during emotional releases, and encouraging people to allow emotions to move through. I offer pre- and post- session hugs to both children and adults, and I agree to be fed healthy cookies by the healing practice and home guests. If you and I have already worked together, you know by now that after the integration part of the private session, I enter the treatment room to check on you.

My greatest desire is to evolve, just like you, and to expand to all that I can be. I seek to live a happy, meaningful life, with work and play, good treats and lots of love. I hope that one day my healing work will be recognized and I will be allowed everywhere where other dogs with jobs, such as seeing and hearing dogs, are allowed. In my perfect world, all parks are dog-friendly, off-leash places, and any humans with phobias of dogs are gently encouraged to heal their fears and make friends with me and my peers.

Here's to our ancestral friendship, with love and blessings,


"Nothing Warms the Heart like a Cold Nose"

Studies: M.A. (Mildly Awake) attending Reiki training all levels.

Specialization: Hug-O-Therapy

Personal Assets: Hypoallergenic; high IQ; rich vocabulary; shake paw for food.

Professional successes: Have cured three people of Fear of Dogs.

Skills: Excellent bone manager. Manages own backyard bone account, with frequent deposits (burying) and withdrawals. Bone balance: exceeding!

Favorite Diet: "Holistic Blend" kibbles

Hobbies: Bird watching; squirrel stalking

Lifestyle: Long walks, preferably in cool or cold weather. Seeing Shakespeare in the Park theatre plays. Visiting art galleries. Patio dining in the summer - love the Ritz Canal on Queen Elizabeth Drive. Practicing Bow-Wow Yoga daily: Downward Facing Dog and Upward Dog. Favorite pose: Shavasana. Healthcare: Classical Homeopathy, Bowen, Massage. Food supplements: Sasha's Blend.

Vision: A world with many squirrels on open fields with no trees. Aside, an orchard of Marrowbone-Trees, growing wide, shady and low. Marrow-dripping branches close to the ground. Dogs are welcome everywhere, off-leash. Especially in cheese boutiques. Cool weather with lots of Snow. Male Golden Retrievers everywhere. Border Collies OK too. Male, of course.